Hiss: 1292 – Veve Ep

Band : Hiss
Title : VéVé Ep
Release Date : 10 Nov ’14
Label : Dement3d Records
Catalog ref. : DM3D010
Format : Vinyl

For this new project at least hides something, or some mysterious spirits that may have chosen to haunt these vinyl grooves. Four of them to be correct ; namely Augun, Damballah, Eshu and Simbi ; four Veves of the Dahomey and Yoruba Voodoo traditions, four complex and intense spirits that have seized Hiss:1292?s music to make it their own. The Voodoo Vévé theme was unintended at first, but once the project was finished, it seemed like a spell had been cast on the record, and the artists were bound to name their music after the spirits that dwell within.

If you are curious enough to read a little about Augun, Damballah, Eshu, and Simbi while you listen to the EP, you’ll probably get an eerie feeling, the machine feel of techno will start to peel off, and you’ll get the strange impression you’re listening to something else, at night, around a fire…. And don’t you worry ; the way it has been arranged, those spells should all be very “benign”