Title : Murky Dreams
Release Date : 1 Apr ’19
Catalog ref. : DM3DXXX001
Format : Vinyl

I will open 2019 with the launch of a new label entitled ‘DEMENT3D XXX’, with the first EP coming from myself.

Operating as a sister label to DEMENT3D Records, the new project will serve as a cultural platform for artists to explore genres across the electronic sphere. This approach stems from my personal approach to music production and DJing, which has an emphasis on warm, emotive and sensual cuts at its core.

The inaugural EP is due April 1st, with the four tracks featured on ‘Murky Dreams’ bridging the gap between my past and forthcoming work as well as my future vision for the imprint, incorporating broken arrangements, captivating soundscapes, and immersive textures to reveal a warmer, more house-focused side to my sound.

Whilst my productions remain centred around my personal vision of the night, the cuts explore and delve deep into the idea of both obscurity and mystery, returning back to ideas I have explored with ‘Irregular Passion’ LP released in 2018.

François X