Polar Inertia Remixed

Band : François X
Title : Polar Inertia Remixed
Release Date : 6 May ’13
Label : Dement3d Records
Catalog ref. : DM3D005
Format : Vinyl

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The story may be quite standard, nevertheless, we feel this record is really special.
Last year, in Paris, among all the promoters that made this kind of “techno riot” happen, there was “The Only Way Out.”. It’s been found guilty for Silent Servant’s and Abdulla Rashim’s first appearances in the french capital. We’ve had the honour of sharing these line ups with them, finally getting in touch, and starting conversations that ultimately ended up being a record : dedicated to remixing Polar Inertia’s first two “EP-sodes”.

So that’s it, “Major Axis” has been handled by Silent Servant, “Black Sun” transfigured by Abdulla Rashim, and our in-house champion Francois X has made a very special treatment to “The Last Vehicle”.