Unknown Landscapes Vol 3

Band : François X
Title : Crisp
Release Date : 18 Dec ’15
Label : PoleGroup
Catalog ref. : POLEGROUP35CD
Format : CD

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Sinfol – Unstable (francois X Remix)

Band : François X
Title : Sinfol – Unstable (francois X Remix)
Release Date : 23 Jun ’15
Format : Vinyl

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Following a distinguished debut EP on Anagram in 2014, marking a promising start for rising artist and Reaktor Events Amsterdam’s resident Sinfol, comes a compelling and vicious remix edition by Frenchman, François X.

A key player in the continuously bolstering Parisian techno scene, transforms the bright upbeat original mix of ‘Unstable’ into a dark hypnotic driving exploration. Diving straight into deep persistent low-end, eerie tones flutter and fly past to instigate a serendipitous delirium.

Taapion 004

Band : François X
Title : Dreaming Of The Tesseract
Release Date : 30 Mar ’15
Label : Taapion
Catalog ref. : TPN004
Format : Vinyl

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From Paris with Techno ! Taapion records is back with a second compilation: Four tracks made in the French Capital city with Shlømo, Francois X, PVNV & Birth Of Frequency.


Band : François X
Title : Rising
Release Date : 11 Dec ’14
Label : MDR
Catalog ref. : MDR 014.2
Format : Vinyl

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Suspended In A Stasis Field

Band : François X
Title : Suspended In A Stasis Field
Release Date : 28 Apr ’14
Label : Dement3d Records
Catalog ref. : DM3D008
Format : Vinyl

Since 2008 François X has been constantly involved in developing DEMENT3D, first as a DJ, then co-running the label, and more recently, remixing Polar Inertia, releasing his collaborative project with Opuswerk – Hiss : 1292. Given all this history, it is only high time for him to unleash some of his black magic upon us, with his first full-blown EP since September 2011 (and that mighty Marcel Dettmann Remix) on the beloved Deeply Rooted imprint.

Much like hundreds of techno records that we love, Francois subtly weaves a canvas of very personal links between sound treatments and life events, time decay and society, spatialization and science-fiction, rumble and voodoo tribe rituals, and delivers some very powerful moments of raw and gritty music.
We’re very happy to let one of the two people we call “boss” share his music and vision, hope you’ll lose yourself on this one as much as we have

Glós – There Is No One Like You

Band : François X
Title : There Is No One Like You
Release Date : 9 Sep ’13
Label : Ressort Imprint
Catalog ref. : RSI002
Format : Vinyl

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Hiss:1292 – The Aetherius Society

Band : François X, Hiss
Title : The Aetherius Society
Release Date : 8 Jul ’13
Label : Dement3d Records
Catalog ref. : DM3D006
Format : Vinyl

Hiss : 1292’s Aetherius Society EP is a powerful and passionate statement. The creative frenzy of two talented producers – one from Switzerland ’12’, the other one from the Parisian suburbs ’92’ – stuck together in a studio in Geneva, just a couple meters away from the roaring noise of a construction site.
They’ve been putting computers out of the picture, jamming on their machines, synths and effects, and thus creating both forward-thinking and retrofuturistic pieces of techno, with that special “instant classic” feel.

Polar Inertia Remixed

Band : François X
Title : Polar Inertia Remixed
Release Date : 6 May ’13
Label : Dement3d Records
Catalog ref. : DM3D005
Format : Vinyl

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The story may be quite standard, nevertheless, we feel this record is really special.
Last year, in Paris, among all the promoters that made this kind of “techno riot” happen, there was “The Only Way Out.”. It’s been found guilty for Silent Servant’s and Abdulla Rashim’s first appearances in the french capital. We’ve had the honour of sharing these line ups with them, finally getting in touch, and starting conversations that ultimately ended up being a record : dedicated to remixing Polar Inertia’s first two “EP-sodes”.

So that’s it, “Major Axis” has been handled by Silent Servant, “Black Sun” transfigured by Abdulla Rashim, and our in-house champion Francois X has made a very special treatment to “The Last Vehicle”.

The Countdonw Ep

Band : François X
Title : The Countdonw EP
Release Date : 5 Sep ’11
Label : Deeply Rooted
Catalog ref. : DRH036
Format : Vinyl

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Francois x returns to the Deeply Rooted House label for his third record and we are very pleased to hear how he developed his style! Code Red has a great classic Techno vibe , while Haunted is an acid intriguing deep and dark track. Proper techno!
Bonus comes on the flip side with the Marcel Dettmann remix of Code Red. His version is stripped down dark and pumping in his unique and raw and intense Berghain style !