François Xavier-Zoumenou, aka François X, is a DJ and musician from Paris who has forged his position as an artist of note in the world of electronic music, characterized by his love for warm, earthy and swinging compositions.

François’ own label DEMENT3D, noted by Resident Advisor as a «key cog in the French dance music renaissance», was established in 2011 and has served as the home of his last five releases, blending his influences – house IDM, electro, techno – into sonically adventurous stories. There, he displays his talent to transform streamlined club music with subtler elements into exciting and abstract journeys. Within the label, François has showcased his ability as an A&R, releasing material from the likes of Polar Inertia, In Aeternam Vale and Valentino Mora.

His debut album ‘Irregular Passion’, hailed by Groove Magazin in their top debut LP’s of 2017, provides a perfect example of Zoumenou’s ability to merge layers of experimental electronica through to off-kilter house and techno territories within a universe in which he thrives – interlacing sensual and rich textures amongst darker elements. Alongside his work on the label, François has also released material on a number of acclaimed imprints including Deeply Rooted (remixed by Marcel Dettmann), Fabric, MDR.

His love for the club has brought with it a reputation as a devoted DJ,  with regular sets at notable institutions, from EXIT Festival through his residencies at Concrete, and Drugstore, not to mention being one of the few to play closing sets at both Berghain and Panorama Bar.
Travelling through obscure, classics and unclassics gems, you can hear music from the early 90’s Nu Groove era or chicago raw acid to futuristic idm sonic adventures. One can capture a common theme of sensuality love and passion through his dj set, driving the crowd into a state of freedom, trance and ecstasy.

Whether playing all-night-long sets, curating nights or performing audio-visual sets within historic venues, François X is a performer that projects his feelings and raw emotions in all aspect of his work.